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Denver Colorado Botox InjectionWe give them all the affectionate names we can come up with: laugh lines, smile lines, crow's feet; but they're still wrinkles. Quick, easy treaments with BOTOX® Cosmetic help Denver, Colorado women and men soften these first signs of aging without the need for downtime.

These kinds of facial lines are referred to as "dynamic wrinkles" because they are caused by the action of your facial skin. It seems almost unfair; the more animated and expressive you are-the more you smile, laugh, frown in concentration and raise your eyebrows in surprise-the deeper your dynamic wrinkles become. But if you live in or near Denver, Colorado, BOTOX treatments at Rejuvenate! can smooth those lines for you and make you look younger and more carefree.

It may surprise you to discover that you were actually born with your dynamic wrinkles. The wrinkles on your forehead, between your eyebrows, at the corners of your eyes and around your lips allow your face to express your feelings, just as the wrinkles on your knuckles allow you to bend your fingers. Unfortunately, with time and the loss of skin elasticity, your facial wrinkles can deepen dramatically and cause you to look older than you are.

There's a reason for the buzz about BOTOX Cosmetic today - it works on dynamic wrinkles. In a short visit to Rejuvenate!, strategically-placed injections can reduce the appearance of lines that make you look tired, old, or even angry. Click to set up an appointment to find out more. Also, take a moment to learn how BOTOX Cosmetic can be a part of your facial cosmetic surgery makeover, by visiting our face surgery specialty site, Denver Mini Facelift.

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BOTOX Cosmetic Treatments

BOTOX® Cosmetic Benefits ProgramBOTOX Cosmetic is an FDA-approved treatment consisting of a safe, purified form of botulinum toxin. It works by blocking the nerve impulses that cause facial muscles to contract and eventually form wrinkles. The substance is injected via tiny needles directly into the problem areas of your face, and most patients find the small injection stings easy to tolerate. You'll be able to go back to your normal activities immediately.

You'll feel excited to look in the mirror each morning for the next few days as you see your wrinkles fading and a more youthful, energized-looking you starting to appear. Results of the treatment last a few months, with many patients finding their follow-up injections lasting longer.

Risks of the treatment are minimal. The most common side effects include headache, nausea, flu-like symptoms, and eyelid droop. These conditions are temporary. A few patients experience bruising and swelling that resolves itself within a few days. Some people note temporary facial pain and muscle weakness.

BOTOX is ideal for women and men of almost any age who are in good health and don't suffer from neurological disorders. To maintain your smooth skin, you should wear sunglasses and an SPF 30 sunblock daily.

BOTOX for Hyperhidrosis

By now, almost everyone knows that BOTOX works wonders for wrinkle reduction. But did you also know that it can be used to treat excessive sweating, a condition known as hyperhidrosis?

If you suffer from excessive perspiration, learn more about how this injectable treatment can help. BOTOX works by disabling the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands to reduce or eliminate sweating for several months after treatment. In fact, BOTOX is FDA-approved to treat underarm perspiration when topical treatments aren't enough to keep your skin dry.

Call us at (303) 279-6100 (Golden) or (303) 951-2100 (Cherry Creek) to set up a visit to Rejuvenate! Our two offices are conveniently located to serve the entire Denver metro area. One is located just outside of Denver in lovely Golden, Colorado immediately off of 6th Ave westbound and the other is located downtown in Cherry Creek, Denver.

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